As promised, our exciting program combines inspiring talks with hands-on pre-conference workshops presented by a mix of regional professionals and international experts.

May 31 : Pre-Conference Workshops & Kickoff Event

Room One Room Two Room Three
7:30 Registration
9:00 Let's Sketchnote!
Binaebi Akah
Veronica Erb
Charlene McBride
Zen and the Art of Planning
Derren Hermann
Corey Allenbach
Content Strategy 101
Laura Creekmore
12:00 Lunch break, on your own. 120 minutes to find food.
2:00 Design Mobile Apps for Behaviour Change
Haig Armen
Experience Design Practice Development
Livia Labate
Hands-On Responsive Web Design
Ben Callahan
6:00 Kickoff Mixer at Barley's Brewing Company; pub crawls immediately after.

June 1 : Day One

Gallery 1 Galaxy Theatre Mezzanine
7:30 Registration
9:00 Welcome and Introduction
9:30 Keynote: Ubiquitous Information Architecture: A Framework for Cross-Channel Strategy
Peter Morville
10:30 15 Minute Break. Time for coffee.
10:45 Building a Design Culture
Brad Colbow
Designing The Election Process
Kaleem Khan
Your English Teacher Was Wrong: Plain Language for Digital Environments
Lauren Colton
11:15 15 Minute Break. Perhaps a snack, if you're feeling a bit peckish.
11:30 Designing Better: Thinking Beyond The Device
Derek Featherstone
On 'Shrink It and Pink It': Designing Experiences for Women
Jessica Ivins
A Brief History of New Media Art
Matt Nish-Lapidus
12:20 Lunch
12:40 Special Lunchtime Session: Women in UX
Rachel Nabors
1:45 Digital Hoarding: How Information Is Suffocating Your Audience
Matthew Grocki
Bridging the Mobile Design Gap
Jen Matson
Resize Your UX
Marti Gukeisen
2:15 You've got 15 minutes to socialize.
2:30 Information Overload is an Opportunity
Karl Fast
Extreme Design - The Secrets to Successful Design Pairing
Samuel Bowles
Building Bendable Content: Why the web needs content-focused IA
Sara Wachter Boettcher
3:20 10 minute break
3:30 Interaction Design Through Mixology
David Farkas
Building a Responsive Design Process
Lydia Whitehead
Bring the Future to Life
Colette Vardeman
4:00 30 minute break. Head out to the Columbus Arts Fest and get a funnel cake.
4:30 What UX Can Learn from the Alt-Country Movement
Derren Hermann

What I Wish I Knew Before Becoming a UX Designer
Jessica Bailey

Wabi-sabi: the Beauty of Imperfection
Rachel Nabors

Apprenticeship Now
Alla Zollers

Living with Wearable Tech
John Wayne Hill

Which Way?
Alaina Kraus

Call to Action
Moe Ra?uddin

When Good Design is Used for Evil
Anna Eaglin
6:00 Friday Night Conference Party at Huntington Park

June 2 : Day Two

Gallery 1 Galaxy Theatre Mezzanine
9:00 Welcome and Introductions
9:30 Keynote: Design and Development of Post-Digital Experiences
Nathan Martin
10:30 15 Minute Break. Coffee time!
10:45 Negotiating Your UX Career
Jay Morgan
Upselling UX: Moving from Pixels to Strategy
James Laing
Evolving Mental Models
Daniel Eizans
11:15 15 Minute Break. High-five someone in the hallway.
11:30 Mapping the Experience
Chris Risdon
Working with Developers for Fun and Profit
Jack Moffett
The Digital Place You Love is Gone: Mitigating Loss in the Ethersphere
Joe Sokohl
12:20 Lunch
12:40 Special Lunchtime Session: Designing for Multi Screen Interactions
Brian Yeung
1:45 How to Rapidly Prototype Multi-Touch Applications
Amelia Campbell
A Lifetime of User Engagement: Evolutionary Conceptual Models
M. Giles Phillips
Usable Security: It Isn't Secure If People Can't Use It
Darren Kall
2:15 You've got 15 minutes to go socialize.
2:30 Customer Journeys: Designing for Disagreement
Boon Sheridan
People, Not Process
Ian Fenn
The Craft of UX: What we can learn from bakers' guilds
Leanna Gingras
3:20 10 minute break
3:30 What Natural User Interfaces Are and Why They Matter to UX Designers
David Brahler
Establishing What "Good" Means with Performance Continuums
Dan Klyn
Educating Future Designers by Designing Mobile Interfaces: Case Studies with Actionable Lessons
Gretchen Caldwell Rinnert
4:00 30 minute break. Time for a Lemon Shake Up.
4:30 Keynote: Experience, Human Interaction, and Service Design
Richard Buchanan
6:00 Thanks for another great conference!