Lunchtime Sessions

Learn while you munch with our lunchtime sessions.

Women in UX

Rachel Nabors

UX is blessed with many female practitioners, and many of them are right here at Midwest UX! Rachel Nabors will lead a group of women speakers and professionals in a conversation with attendees at this lunch session. In this discussion, we’ll cover issues pertinent to women in the UX workforce such as balancing career and family goals, gender differences and balance in the workplace, and how UX stacks up against other fields in terms of gender equality and comfort levels.

Designing for Multi Screen Interactions

Brian Yeung

Background: We live in a world of screens, and in a post-PC world we're increasingly surrounded by a larger number of smaller screens. Thus far user experience design has been primarily focused on interactions within a single screen, sometimes talking to the cloud. But as devices and objects become smarter and learn to talk to each other directly, how do we think beyond the individual screen and design interactions for multiple screens at once?

Description: This talk is about the process of designing user experiences for multiple input and output devices. It will draw from real world experiences on award-winning applications, and will cover existing examples such as the Nintendo DS, Sifteo cubes, and the iOS ecosystem.

Takeaway: Attendees will leave with concrete techniques to discuss the possibility space of multiple screens, to manage user attention and feedback, to prototype and playtest quickly and cheaply, and to create interactions that leverage the unique frontier that exists beyond the single screen.